Clip In Extensions for Hair Require Some Unexpected TLC

For many people, hair extensions achieve a brand new look without a whole lot of upfront work. Extensions that clip in are wonderfully and quietly adding to the look of girls everywhere. Clip extensions do require a little bit of maintenance before, during, and after certain daily activities. Below is a guide for what to do during three important tasks. These three areas will wear away at the extensions faster than anything else. They are the most significant areas to keep the extensions in good shape.

Going to Sleep

The number one most important thing to do to keep extensions intact is to remove them when going to sleep. A big problem is that the hair gets caught underneath the head and shoulders. When tossing and turning at night, the hair will be pulled right out. It will damage the extensions and cause them to only last a few weeks at most.


Hair dryers will damage the hair extensions. When washing, the hair should also be air-dried. They should also be washed every ten times they are worn, which averages to about once every other week at most. Obviously, they should be removed while in the shower and washed independently. Women who wash their clip in extensions too often will damage them, cause them to discolor, and make them fringe.

Bleaching and Coloring

The clip in hair extensions should end up the same basic color as they were when they were initially added. Bleaching is a bad idea on multiple levels for extensions. The bleaching may not have the same effect as it would on typical hair, and that risk could cause the extensions to be ruined. The hair extensions should be selected based on the closeness of color. It often does not work to get the color adjusted after purchase because there is always a slight discrepancy. It may be smarter to dye the hair before applying the extensions, and choose a coloration based on the current color.

Extensions have improved a lot over the last few years. The best of them look incredibly natural. The hair extensions are added and removed in seconds, making all the above maintenance steps a whole lot more manageable. In other words, clip in extensions are the best.

The clip extensions should easily last upwards of six months or more with the proper care. It does not take much to get attached. But, it does take daily reminders and some determination to make sure one is doing all the right steps to keep the extensions in top form.